Top 10 Tips For Chatting with girls

  1. The first thing out of your mouth - what words do you utter when meeting a girl for the first time who is girlfriend material and to one whom you regard as a bud?
  2. What do you choose to talk about? Say for instance you ask a girl about what she does on a Saturday evening, she may think that you want to take her out one time. Whereas if you ask her about work or studies, then it’s clear you’re not interested in her as a girlfriend.
  3. Do you offer to pay for her drink, or do you say, “This round’s mine. What do you want to drink?” Clearly, saying the latter means you expect her to pick up the next round. So what message does that send out?
  4. Where do you sit when talking to her - next to her, opposite her or diagonal from her? Next to her is more intimate.
  5. Do you ask her if she’s seeing someone? There is no doubt in any girl’s mind that you are interested in her if you if there’s a man in her life.
  6. Do you ask for her number and ring her when you promise to?
  7. How do you look at her when you talk? Sometimes your eyes can do all the talking for you.

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